boxer shorts by How Ya Hangin? best boxers in underwear history Opportunities

boxer shorts by How Ya Hangin?® the best boxers in underwear history history







I have been asked many times how does somebody think of inventing a new fly

I figured the best way to address this question is to present a timeline. I apologize in advance if this seems egotistical, but it serves a purpose.

1963 Martin Luther King announced he had a dream.

1965 Exactly, two years later I was born with the Entrepreneurial dream.

1973 At McDonogh school , In second grade was told to jump off a galloping horse. That resulted in a concussion and blurred vision for the next two weeks. Maybe that's what made me a little different.


1977 5th grade Invented pen/pencil combination and submitted to one of the many charlatan Idea Submission Companies. They asked me for $400 to perform research. I sent a letter trying to negotiate by giving them a percentage of my profits. I never heard back.


1970 In 7th grade at McDonogh school we were using the Baltimore Colts blocking sled since that is where they Colts trained. My football coach looks up and says, "I am tired of you guys stopping and then throwing your block. I want someone coming full tilt." I happen to be next in line. I went full tilt and blocked the dummy. My coach said "Good Hit" and patted me on my back and I fell over. One dummy takes another out. Concussion 2.

1980 In 8th grade my underwear is stolen from the locker room while I was swimming. Afterward I ended up sitting on the bus next to my eighth grade crush. My pants zipper apparently was open. The girl screamed, I looked down and maybe It was at that point that I got the inspiration to build a new fly.


1986 Submitted again, to one of the charlatan idea companies with 7 new inventions. Its was 1986, so none of these things existed until many years later. At that time we had only truck inner tubes for the water recreation so the first idea would convert a truck inner tube into a boat tow able tube that you see today. Inventions included a tennis ball hopper with retractable wheels, a throwing ball toy capable of being thrown long distances, a strap for hanging hammocks, a portable audio cassette rewinding machine, a automobile breathalyzer machine with a kill switch, and an indoor freestyle swimming machine. Idea company rejected breathalyzer machine saying it had no market potential.





1990 In banking, presented a proposal for a Photo Credit Card. I was rejected only to see the product presented by Bank of Hawaii 3 years later and then by CitiBank


1992 I was in charge of setting the Liability Rates for Provident Bank. I was challenged by the president to create a product that would bring in 3 year money without advertising. I presented the concept of the "Let it Snow CD" which would adjust the rate at the end of each month for the amount of snow that is recorded at the airport. We could easily receive national media attention and we could easily increase the amount of 3 year money. The president laughed and said keep thinking. I figured I was in the wrong business.

1993 Received my MBA from Loyola University in Baltimore.

1995 I joined BGE and consulted with the folks in Customer Service. Every time they needed to change their voice response system they need to fly in their voice talent. I soldered together a new interface into my computer to convert all the voice spots from analog to digital to self create our own messages.

1996 My wife wanted new draperies. I told her I could sew them up if I bought a sewing machine. Ended up buying a new sewing machine and purchasing new draperies.

sewing machine

Started brainstorming about different ideas. I needed a commercially viable product with a large market, low cost of production and low liability risk. The frustration of the poor design of the fly in men's underwear led me to choose this product to bring to market.

1997 Applied for Design Patent

Bear Paw Fabrics offered a class on sewing up boxer shorts. I signed up and showed up in my suit. I didn't realize that the pre-requisite was Sewing 101. After 3 broken needles and a bunch of lost thread I completed my class with the help of a very disgusted teacher.

While I was working downtown at BGE I recovered a male mannequin from the trash on Lexington St. The homeless people surrounded me and shook their head in disgust. I figured they must have thought this man in a suit must be a nasty pervert


1998 One of my best friends, Marc Munafo asks me to join his construction company, CAM Construction and encourages me to follow my dream in the creation of my own company. That was an offer I could not resist.


Visited my cousin's apparel manufacturing plant in Dominican Republic. Ended up producing my product in the good old , high cost, USA. I typed up my utility patent application sitting by the pool at Dorado Naco Hotel in the DR


Filed my Utility Patent Application.

1999 Received Design Patent D408,965

2000 Received Utility Patent 6,018,822



2001 My friend, Bruzzie Meade serves as the first How Ya Hangin model proudly showing off the boxers on the beach in my home country, Dominican Republic.


2001 My friend, the founder of Who Glue, receives patent for "Distributed personal relationship information management system and methods." Facebook is still 3 years away from launching their web site.


My brother in law, Dr. John Emmett, who is an Oral Surgeon and luckily for me a body builder agrees to be the model for the How Ya Hangin? Boxes.



Began manufacturing across the hall from Kevin Plank and Under Armour. I looked at the compression shirt and I thought to myself this knit material is similar to women's lingerie material and he is marketing this product to football players. Yeah good luck with that. Kevin's business know how proved me wrong many times over. I never question anyone's idea anymore.

Sales of How Ya Hangin boxers began.

Super Bowl Champions, Baltimore Ravens beat the Tennessee Titans 16-10 in a bruising battle. Here's a pic of Ravens tackle Tony Siragusa brings down Titans' Steve McNair. Next day I am on Wjz-TV channel 13.


Began Media campaign. Marty Bass from Wjz-TV channel 13 was gracious in allowing me to tell my story.


2002 I Approached QVC. I stated my product could be a good fit for the network around Fathers Day. They replied Father's Day does not generate a large bump in sales. QVC at this time did not offer any men's apparel.

Received an order from my favorite priest in the Midwest. One of many over the years.

Met up with Kevin Plank again with Under Armour after both our boxer shorts were displayed in Men's Health magazine. I told him I would follow up again when I could show him a knit boxer.




One of my more enthusiastic customers drops his pants in front of Congresswoman Helen Bentley to show off his new american made How Ya Hangin? boxers. Imagine the response.



2003 Created Fly Catcher The "Fly Catcher" was originally developed for the David Letterman show. I sent the Fly Catcher to Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Phil Knight at Nike along with the utility patent and some samples. Nike returned the package with a letter stating they do not review products that are not patented. This letter was sitting right on top of a copy of the utility patent. Sad.

Fly Catch Fly Catch Wood

2005 Had a strange offer to purchase my trademark "Ultimate Boxer" from a Mr. Ross Bulla. Apparently according to his web site, Mr. Bulla is an expert in counterterroism, vulnerability assessments, and the physical security of both private sector and government facilities. Later he offers to buy my company. What would a counterterroism expert want with my company? I politely decline his offers.

Had a surgical procedure to address address a heart condition. I was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. This is a heart condition in which there is an extra electrical pathway (circuit) in the heart. Apparently, much to my doctor's excitement I was only the second patient in twenty years to have 2 extra electrical pathways in my heart. He ablated both pathways.

Went home to rest after surgery. I opened a large envelope indicating Target Brands is suing me to get rid of my Ultimate Boxer trademark. I spent many sleepless nights after opening this envelope. A week later I figured the surgery must have worked since I was still alive. This started many months of research at the Law library. I defended myself and about a year later we reached a settlement.



2006 Slingboard Adventure Sport tested How Ya Hangin? fall out proof fly. Boxers performed flawlessly.


2007 Began manufacturing in PA at CK Sportswear. Owner Minan Corby graciously accepts my order request. This becomes a great relationship where I view Minan as my adopted Mom in the manufacturing business. Costs are still 4x that of overseas production buy quality is exceptional.

2008 Met up with my favorite company Baltimore company The Three Amigos. Casey Clark Jr. provided me with the inspiration from his father J. Casey Clark, Sr." There are two types of people out there energy takers and energy givers. Shield yourself from the energy takers and embrace the energy givers." Priceless Advice

Thre Amigos

2009 Was invited to a Victor Rossi's photo shoot in Green Spring Valley by my designer friend. He graciously offers to put my boxers on some models.


I have been living by following the Dale Carnegie principles which primarily dictate, "Do to others as you would have them do to you." I gave my first of many used copies of "Stop Worrying and Start Living" to someone who could use the help. This book can and will help people .

Stop Worry

One of my friends, who works at Maryland's own Jos Bank served as my sales arm inside the company. They liked the product but found it hard to convey the benefit within their retail arena. Understandable.

Jos Bank

2010 How Ya Hangin web site receives an overhaul.

new web site

One of my customer's daughters called. She stated she was at Thanksgiving Dinner. Her dad stated, "Before I say grace I want to let everyone know, All I want for Christmas is How Ya Hangin? boxers. Priceless



The company who I work for, CAM Construction, completes the New Psalmist Baptist Church. I start watching Bishop Thomas at 6am on Sundays. He is very charismatic and inspirational.

New Psalm

2011 Received offer to buy my company from Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The Kauffman Foundation is often referred to as one of the largest foundations in the United States—or as the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship. Both are true, thanks to Ewing Kauffman's generosity and foresight. Foundation produces some great work and Carl is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.



How Ya Hangin goes into High Gear. I don't know if its barefoot running or my new favorite beer Flying Dog, Raging Bitch but I have more energy now than ever.

Barefoot Ken Bob, who has run 72 marathons barefoot and is the author of Barefoot Running Step by Step, tells me he hears this increase in energy syndrome from many people who start running barefoot.

Barefoot Ken Bob

On the bottom of a case of Maryland's own, Flying Dog's Raging Bitch beer are the words, "The beer you are about to taste may in fact change your life. You may soon begin to challenge the way you think about everything. No longer will securing that same old parking spot at the office make you feel some false sense of accomplishment. Coloring outside the lines will start to seem like the only option. Always wear clean underwear? Boring just died when you took your first sip. Welcome to the Republic.

Met with Joe Ebaugh, director of Licensing for University of Maryland. He was very excited over the licensing potential.

Realized the value of my company was not just boxer shorts it was all about the fly. Launched where I encourage apparel companies to put my fly on their shorts.

Issued a press release. Baltimore Inventor Offers Apparel Companies Exciting New Opportunity. "Free the Fly" Introduces Innovative New Concept

Received partnership opportunity from an overseas company.

Started a new company Empowering Individuals, Businesses and Non Profits through Sales, Support and Service. My basic principle is creating change. Don’t be confined by those doubting around you.  What will they think?  Its not normal. Be driven by your internal engine and directed by you moral compass to do the right thing. Get rid of the bars that confine you and release your inner self. Change is essential for businesses to survive.

Ran in the 2nd Annual NYC Barefoot Run in my my boxers with my friend, Bart proving the fall out proof design works.

Created web site as a way to give back to all the wonderful people at the race. Barefoot Running, In the beginning they question. At the end they follow. This movement is led be the very humble, Loyola Blakefield graduate, Mark Cucuzzella.

Barefoot Max

My friend sells his company Who Glue to Face book.



The How Ya Hangin? Running team is created by a funny series events. My friend Bart and I ran the 2nd NYC Barefoot Run. One of my best friends sister, Amy, gets energized after hearing the stories. She challenges Bart and myself to race with her and her crazy friend, Nicole, in a race which involves electric barbed wire over water and running though fire. I said no chance so we settled for the Run Amuck. These crazy smart Ivy league girls end up joining my running team and maybe my company

Barefoot Team


Met Marty Bass from Wjz-TV channel 13 in Baltimore. Marty is part of the highest rated morning news show in Baltimore. Though he is from Louisville, he has embraced the quirkiness of Baltimore and supported local businesses. We had a fun chat. He wants to have me return to the studio to update my 2001 appearance stay tuned.

I was on the morning show in 2001 with the Super Bowl Champs Baltimore Ravens and now I am back in 2012, can you say Karma?



Hooked up with friend from a Baltimore company who has been living and manufacturing in China. Wild Stuff. He wants me to connect with his apparel contacts.


2012 My How Ya Hangin company is all grown up and ready to move out of my house. I will guide her in the real word. Sellout or Partner that is the Question.


Bungee Maniac, Jim Lotfi agrees to test out How Ya Hangin? fall out proof boxer on his next jump. His Puente Viejo del Colorado, Naranjo, Costa Rica jump from 12/20/11 is pictured below.




Marty had me on Jan 9, 2012.


Marty and Don had "Coffee With" Max Hernandez, inventor/owner of How Ya Hangin' Boxers.

February 2012
I have been commissioned to build the Perfect bra to fit all women. I can use my principles of maximizing form, function and comfort in developing the holy grail of Bras, Expect prototype in June. No more getting angry and throwing your bra out with the bath water. The solution is on its way.

burn Bra


April 2012



Run Amok Rockville 2012

Very fun race in Rock Creek park. A lot of rocks. Ouch. Very long video its better to just jump around on the video. Fun race will do again.


May 2012


Jim India



June 2012



Rebel Race. Monkton, MD 2012

We started in 103 degree temperature at the last wave at 3:30 pm. Hot, Hot, Hot. Another very long video so just jump around. A ton of mud laced with cow manure. We even saw two cows on the path. For some reason a lot of people got cut up in the mud. 1st time I cut my foot and off to 1st aid I went. A special race for those special few.



February 2013

Max SBowl