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The How Ya Hangin?® Boxer employs the Patented Technology to maximize the features men seek in their boxers, SECURITY, COMFORT and ACCESS.

SECURITY-Don't fall out of your boxers again, CoolMax® security panel prevents boxers from gapping!

COMFORT-Slip into these boxers, and experience the Comfort of the finest 100% Cotton available coupled with a breathably soft CoolMax® inner. Ample use of material ensures no binding or grabbing.

ACCESS-Don't fumble for your fly, centrally located proprietary access for lefties and righties. Join the thousands of satisfied customers. Supplies are limited so order today.

NO ORDERS CAN BE PROCESSED AT THIS TIME I AM OUT OF BOXERS. Sorry, due to excessive demand, manufacturing has not been able to keep up. I am working hard to address this situation & bring new manufacturers on board. Max HYH?

If you have to ask go up a size!
Shipping & Handling are $4.95 per USPS Priority Mail order.
Questions & Answers

Q. Where are your boxers made?

My boxers are made in the USA.

Q. Are the Raven's Boxers that you demonstrated on Baltimore TV Station channel 13 available?

A. I tried to state on TV that this was a one time sample but apparently, I did a poor job in conveying this to the public. The response to the Raven Boxers have been phenomenal. I will try to follow-up with the Ravens and the numerous NFL licensing agencies to see if there is a possibility of producing these boxers. I will let you know on the web site. I hope you will try the white ones in the meantime. There's definitely nothing like this in the marketplace.

Q. Are the Boxers available in any other sizes?

A.My production runs of these boxers are produced from XS-XL. I am hoping in subsequent runs to extend sizes. I will let you know on the web site

Q. Are the Boxers available in any other colors other than white?

A.My manufacturing runs of these boxers are all white. I am hoping in the future to add colors and possibly prints.

Q. I do not like using credit cards can I pay by check or money order?

A. Sorry, Due to the rise in fradulent activity I can no longer accept any checks.

Q. I live close to your mailing address, is it possible to pick up boxers at this location?

A. Sorry, Boxers are shipped from another location. They are not available for pick-up.

Q. Why is the special sale price of your boxer $20.00, my other boxers costs $10?

A. Mainstream common boxers are priced well below my price, although, other active boxers such as Patagonias and quality boxers such as Tommy Bahama sell well above my price at about $30. My pricing places me in between these benchmarks. You can't find a boxer that provides the Security, Comfort and Access of these boxers at any price!



Contact Information


1090 High Country Road,

Baltimore, Maryland 21286,

Telephone: 410 804-9048

Fax: 305 574-0660,

Send me an email by pressing on this line/ How Ya Hangin? email




Underwear Points

(1) Briefs outsell boxer shorts by a margin of 2-1.

(2) Women prefer men in boxers 2 to 1 over briefs.

(3) Men 25 and under are the largest users of boxer shorts.

(4) Women prefer young guys since they wear boxer shorts.