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boxer shorts by How Ya Hangin?® the best boxers in underwear historyr history





Press Release

New company invents "fall out proof" boxer shorts A small company in Baltimore is making a big promise to men who have suffered from boxer shorts embarrassment: Buy their new product and you'll never "fall out" again.

After years of development, How Ya Hangin'?® boxer shorts have breathed new life into the underwear market. "I've worn boxers for years," says company CEO Max Hernandez. "I've tried many different brands, and although they provided a feeling of freedom, the fly always opened at the wrong time. That's why I designed the ultimate fall-out-proof boxer shorts.

The market simply did not have what I wanted." This innovative new product employs a unique vent-backing panel to prevent unexpected gapping and exposure. The challenge was to also provide easy accessibility. How Ya Hangin'?® boxers allow easy access from either the right side or the left side. The underwear are so novel that the idea was recently granted a utility patent by the U.S. government. But it takes more than just product ingenuity to sell underwear.

"The key is comfort," says Hernandez. The shorts are made of 100% combed cotton with double the thread count of conventional boxer shorts material to ensure softness and durability. After the design was complete, hundreds of samples were manufactured locally in Baltimore's old garment district. Samples were distributed throughout the city, including to several lucky fans at recent Ravens football tailgates.

The response has been overwhelming. "I could never wear boxers, I would fall out," says Dan Stout, a trial participant. "These are different, much better, much softer. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Even if you've never worn boxers, you'll love these!"

Buy your own pair now!

The How Ya Hangin?® Boxer employs the Patented Technology to maximize the features men seek in their boxers, SECURITY, COMFORT and ACCESS.

SECURITY-Don't fall out of your boxers again, CoolMax® security panel prevents boxers from gapping!

COMFORT-Slip into these boxers, and experience the Comfort of the finest 100% Cotton available coupled with a breathably soft CoolMax® inner. Ample use of material ensures no binding or grabbing.

ACCESS-Don't fumble for your fly, centrally located proprietary access for lefties and righties. Join the thousands of satisfied customers. Supplies are limited so order today.


NO ORDERS CAN BE PROCESSED AT THIS TIME I AM OUT OF BOXERS. Sorry, due to excessive demand, manufacturing has not been able to keep up. I am working hard to address this situation & bring new manufacturers on board. Max HYH?

If you have to ask go up a size!
Shipping & Handling are $4.95 per USPS Priority Mail order.


Video from the WJZ-TV Morning Show

Don Scott " of the best inventions of all time the How Ya Hangin? ® Boxer short. Promising security comfort and access. Even on the package there were testimonials you got to pick up a package just to read the testimonials. Max thank you good luck. "

Marty had me on Jan 9, 2012.

Marty and Don had "Coffee With" Max Hernandez, inventor/owner of How Ya Hangin' Boxers.




Mens Health

Mens Health Magazine

The text reads “HI-TECH BVDs Coming soon to an underwear drawer near you. FALLOUT-PROOF BOXERS: How Ya’ Hangin’? boxer shorts have a patented front panel designed to prevent inadvertent flop-out.”


Jump Start Your Business Brain-WBXU

Starring: Doug Hall, Founder and C.E.O, Eureka! Ranch and Merwyn Technology & David Wecker, Columnist, Cincinnati Post

This segment aired Monday January 29 on a regional radio network in the Midwest.

DOUG HALL: As inventions go for underwear its probably one of the biggest things to happen to men’s underwear That’s a huge breakthrough in men’s underwear.

DOUG WECKER: Seriously you have a real product that does fulfill a real need that really does work.

Fly Catcher

The "Fly Catcher" was originally developed for the David Letterman show. The demo device has traveled across the world from the Jimmy Kimmel show to the offices of Warren Buffet to an Undewear exhibit in a museum in Germany.


It is still waiting to make its network TV debut. Please send me an email if you are interested in using the "Fly Catcher"